Postscript – 1 year

It’s now been a bit over a year since I had the PF release procedure.  Last spring I was feeling really good and went out to play frisbee with some colleagues.  Of course I couldn’t just stand there, I had to do a lot of running and jumping.  I managed to injure my knee in the process.  Finally found out it was a torn meniscus, which unfortunately takes a long time to heal.  This was 7-8 months ago and it is just now getting better.  The doctor and physical therapist told me that this injury takes particularly long to heal because the blood flow in the knee joint is not very good.

So, lessons there are: 1) I’m 58 and injury prone.  I should not be doing any activity which causes high stress on my body.  Like frisbee.  Difficult thing to accept, but I’m starting to understand why older people move slowly and carefully 🙂  2) I should have been more careful with the post-procedure recovery period.  Start small, build slowly and carefully 🙂

Good news is, my foot has been feeling totally normal for the past 6 months or so.  The injured foot (left) feels the same as the right foot in all situations.  They tell me that it is not unusual for the full recovery to take 4-6 months.


Eight Week Update

I just got back from a trip to Rome where I did 80 miles of walking in 8 days.  Both of my feet were a bit sore after the longer days (12 miles).  Some days the ‘bad’ foot was a bit more sore than the ‘good’ one.  However, they both felt great the next morning.  It’s the first time I’ve had similar sensation (soreness) in both feet after a long day of walking.
So, I’m ready to say that the PF release procedure was a success.  If things continue to go well, I’m going to cautiously start running again.

My Doctor

My doctor has agreed to let me post his info.  His name is Dr. Shannon Rush, DPM.  He does a lot of PF release procedures, and his success rate is very high.  He is highly respected in my daughter’s Podiatry school (Samuel Merrit University in Oakland, CA).  My daughter asked many of the faculty members and they all recommended Dr. Rush for someone in my situation.

2 Week Follow-up Appt

Went in this morning for a two week follow-up.  They said I’m doing well and cleared me to transition to a regular shoe.  They referred me for physical therapy but said it is optional.  I think I’m going to pass.  Today I can walk normally, at least for short stretches of 10-20 paces.  Need to get back to the gym, I haven’t really worked out (except for dancing) since the procedure.

Day 13 update

Last night was my daughter’s birthday.  Since last year we’ve been celebrating by going to this great club in San Francisco called the “Cat Club“.  Once per month they have a 70’s / 80’s music night.  Very fun, and I couldn’t miss it.  I ended up dancing 6-7 songs.  My foot was a bit sore this morning, but not too bad.  My wife Kathy (right) and daughter Jessie (left) hammed it up with a David Bowie lookalike.  This activity would have caused a lot more pain before the procedure.


Tomorrow is my two week follow-up appointment.  I may get scolded for removing the bandage and dancing, but I don’t think there has been any harm done.

Day 8 Update

Today I changed the bandage.  I was advised to leave the bandage on for the full two weeks.  However, my foot is feeling great and I’m tired of taking a bath with one foot out of the tub.  Like most people, I prefer showering.

As you can see, the incision was very small, I think only ~3-5 mm.

Some of the gauze was embedded in the glue, so I had to carefully cut it away.  I added some CA glue on top and around the wound to make sure the area was well supported and had a waterproof seal.  Then I took a shower.  Ahhhhh…..   🙂  CA (cyanoacrylate) glue (aka Crazy Glue) is great for small cuts and scrapes.  It keeps the wound clean and makes it heal faster.  The medical grade is not much different.  It usually needs to be re-applied every day or two.


This morning (Day 9) I can walk normally.  I can put my full weight on my left foot without any pain.  Whoopee!!!

I’m still going to take it easy until the pain is gone completely.  I can still feel it if I move a certain way.